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Vitis Orthodontic Kit is a selection of Vitis products which have been designed to keep brace-wearers mouth's clean, healthy and pain-free.

VITIS ortho KIT | Orthodontic Travel Kit

  • Pack Contains:

    • Regular head brush - For precision cleaning.
    • Toothpaste - Prevents against bacteria, dental bio film build up and gingivitis
    • Mouthwash - Alcohol-free rinse which helps strengthen tooth enamel and reduce inflammation.
    • Wax - Prevents your wires/brackets from rubbing or catching the skin inside your mouth.Please click on each link above for further information on each of these products or to purchase them in their full size.

      Keeping your mouth clean is important for everyone, even more so for those wearing orthodontic appliances such as braces. Braces make brushing harder and food is more likely to get caught when wearing a brace. In order to keep the mouth clean and healthy you should use products especially designed with this in mind.

    • With Safety Travel Box
    • Ensure Proper Hygiene In The Areas That Are Most Difficult To Reach, Where Oral Biofilm Accumulates Most Easily.
    • Indicated For People With Gum Problems (Gingival Inflammation, Redness And Bleeding).

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