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The first Sucrosomial® Iron specially formulated for newborns & children.

The iron in SiderAL® Gocce is contained within a phospholipidic sucrosomial® membrane, meaning that it is highly bioavailable. 

SiderAL® Gocce P Iron Drops 30 Ml | 0-3 Yrs

  • SiderAL® Gocce is a food supplement containing Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m.) which is useful for addressing dietary deficiencies or increased body needs for iron, an important nutrient for the normal cognitive development of children.

    SiderAL® Gocce is a valid solution in all cases in which the paediatrician deems it necessary to integrate the natural stocks of iron in children and infants, right from the first few months of life.

    The excellent flavour and high tolerability of Sucrosomial® Iron, compared to other types of iron, make it suited for infants and children up to 3 years old. Furthermore, the pipette cap makes the product extremely easy to dose and administer.

    Sucrosomial® Technology enables iron to pass through the stomach intact, to be absorbed in the intestine, thus improving gastric tolerance.

    The sucrosomial® technology employed in the production of SiderAL® Gocce fully prevents the side effects commonly associated with other iron supplements, such as heartburn, irritated intestines, and discoloration of the mucosal tissue.