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The ingredients contained in it have a soothing effect on irritated skin, not only after shaving. In addition, it has a bactericidal and soothing effect. And on top of that, it has a beautiful scent of essential oils with properties that support problematic skin - grapefruit and rosemary have bactericidal and antifungal properties.

Natural deodorant with zinc grapefruit-rosemary 150 ml | La Le S.O.S

  • inc - preparations with zinc oxide regulate the amount of sebum produced. They facilitate cleansing the skin of accumulated sebum, exfoliate it, restore its natural pH, soothe inflammation, and reduce the tendency to blackheads. They also accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues and reduce pimples.

    Aloe vera - has strong disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and protective properties. It supports cell division and ensures that proper humidity is maintained. It accelerates wound healing, stimulating skin regeneration.

    Baking soda – neutralizes odor-causing bacteria.

    The starch in the body deodorant binds sweat droplets - absorbs moisture.

    100% vegan and vegetarian friendly - based on vegetable wax