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 Interprox Plus Conical has been designed to eliminate oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) accumulated in 1.3 mm interproximal spaces, specifically in the premolar or molar area.


Dentaid Interproximal Conical 6 Brushes are brushes developed to eliminate the oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) that accumulates in interproximal spaces.

Interprox Conical Blisters 6's | Interproximal Brushes Blue

    • Ask to your dentist the width of your interproximal space and which brush you need to use
    • The brush should be introduced comfortably, so that the filaments, and not the rod are in contact with your teeth
    • Make this movement of back and forth without turning the brush
    • The handle can be curved to obtain the appropriate angle
    • The cap protects the brush and guarantees optimal hygiene after use

    Insert interprox interdental brush using the appropriate size in the interdental space to clean. Clean the space between the braces device and the teeth surface using conical shaped interdental brush.