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Lip Balm with CBD and a beeswax base.
Ideal for repairing dry, irritated or chapped lips.
15ml (0.50 fl OZ.)

EU-certified natural ingredients.
99.85% organic, and animal cruelty free.
Dermatologically tested

CBD Lip Balm | Beewax Base

  • Our Lips balm with CBD, containing Cannabidiol, has properties that help to soothe and moisturise areas affected by herpes, rashes, irritations, chapped skin, etc. This product is not a medicine. The effectiveness of its formula is based on CBD which acts as a protective and moisturising agent, providing nourishment, soothing and juiciness to our lips. Beeswax acts as a cleansing and protective agent with qualities that can help protect against external factors. It contains cocoa, avocado and grape oil, agents that provide softness and hydration and preserve the skin's natural moisture. Its composition is 99.85% natural, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

    - Helps to soothe affected areas
    - Cleanses and protects
    - Moisturises and softens
    - Preserves the skin's natural moisture

    CBD, or cannabidiol, has come into the spotlight due to increased research into its ability to regulate our skin's natural processes.