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9 traditional bitter plants in 3 innovative bitter blends neutral in taste

BitterMagic® | 9 Bitter Plants

  • Traditional rediscovered and magically combined
    Bitter is better, as herbalists all over the world realised hundreds of years ago when they discovered the beneficial influence of bitter substances on our organism. Hippocrates and Paracelsus were already avowed fans of bitter herbs and praised their many uses. Since then, the targeted use of amara (bitter plants) in the form of stomach bitters or bitter drops before or after a sumptuous meal has been a tradition in a wide variety of cultures.
    That bitter substances can do much more than this is underlined by recent research results. In particular, the discovery and description of different bitter substance receptors in different regions of the body outside the mouth and throat. Because: While the receptors for "sweet", "salty", "sour" and "umami" are mainly located in the mouth area, receptors for "bitter" are found in numerous body regions. Receptors for bitter taste have been found in the gastrointestinal tract, in the bronchial tubes, in the urogenital tract, in sperm and immune cells, on the skin and in the brain.