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Signature box of Manuka honey Spoon , sourced directly from Australia by Berringa, now with a potent MGO concentration of 900+. Crafted for those seeking the highest quality, this premium Manuka honey is certified and authentic, offering exceptional benefits for your well-being.

900+ MGO Australian Manuka Honey Spoon | ‎ Berringa

  • Berringa Honey is entirely natural. It is unadulterated honey from nature and as such it will react to temperature and storage variations.  Crystallisation in Berringa Honey is not uncommon and it can easily be remedied by heating the honey (and the jar it is in) slowly in a bowl of hot water – or leaving it in a hot room/place.  Do not microwave it though as that will simply see it re-crystallise quickly after.

    Crystallisation is natural, safe and not a sign of mould spores or anything else untoward.

    Suitable for vegetarians