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ImmunoMyk®: Supporting the immune system

Reishi and shiitake: extracts with tradition

Everyday our body is confronted with the widest range of different pathogens. To fight off intruders and to stay healthy our body has an effective protection system with powerful defence mechanisms: the immune system. A balanced diet, plenty of outdoor exercise and a balanced psyche are essential prerequisites for a resilient and healthy immune response. However, the body often needs additional external aid. This is where selected micronutrients can help support the body’s own defences.

ImmunoMyk®: medicinal mushrooms with nutrients for the immune system

ImmunoMyk® combines mushroom extracts from Reishi and Shiitake with vegetable vitamin C from acerola and camu camu fruit extract as well as vitamin E and zinc. Taken selectively, the vitamin C and zinc contained in ImmunoMyk® is a nutritional-physiological measure for the maintenance of the body's immune system, especially in times of increased stress.


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